Haiku Tuesday: Tolkien in the corner

A hard day’s slaving
at labor meant for machines,
tavern ale awaits.

Wave the bartender
a silver for the table,
let’s toast to friendship.

Blow the frothy foam,
tip your tankard, feel the burn
gasp and wipe your lips.

Tall tales grow bold,
boasts of conquest beg belief,
grins belie the truth.

Conversation ebbs,
backs are slapped, patrons drift out
time to stumble home.

I found an interesting voice synthesizer site ElevenLabs and wondered if it would read poetry. Haikus need pacing, which this fails at. Still this is entirely fake — no humans involved.

DALL-E’s images are getting sloppy. I can’t seem to generate a quality image anymore. Oh well, beggars and choosers and all that…