Writer’s Log: 2449 September Scene Writing Month 2021

September Scene Writing Month has come and gone.

All thirty scenes & stories comprise some 22,000 words and added about 70 hours to my Writer’s Log.

Thanks to Phil Huston who, even though he said he’d refrain from commenting during the month, couldn’t help himself and improved a number of the scenes.

Thanks go out to Hetty and Mike, George and Pink, Suzanne, Duke, Dracul, Audrey, Goldie, ACFlory, Jan and others for reading and offering their words of encouragement.

Kudos should go to Hetty who also managed to slog through thirty days (or more) of trying to get as many scenes written and published. Phil too, joined in and gave us his Chandler’esque whodunit.

Hopefully, the scenes and vignettes proved entertaining, despite the obvious need for weed whacking and pruning.

Improvement comes in fits and spurts. If this year’s effort is better than last, I’ll consider myself happy (er, less fanatically focused on the pointlessness life and our futile existence in the Absurd Universe).



Here are the scenes compiled into a single document.

View the scenes in a new tab: here.