Writer’s Log: 1852, Time

* A Writer’s Level Four topic.

I picked up the axe and swung it as if I could split the world. It arced through the air and plunged toward the white aquiline neck that lay outstretched before me.

Only the day before, that same neck had twisted and her eyes had glared at me, her mouth wide with complaint. I’d tried to explain. She’d had none of it. She’d squawked and run off. Was it because of my previous indiscretion?

Yes, I’d been lured away, tempted successfully by another; a body so plump and inviting. So? I was the one in charge, why couldn’t I have what I chose when I chose it?

For that she’d condemned me.

But now she would pay the price.

The silver shimmer of my blade blazed in the sun. The thwock of the edge of my axe chopping her head from her body echoed hollow in the courtyard.

Her goose was cooked. I roasted her that night for dinner.


Time. Time is the forth dimension (ha), that writers must master. Can you spin time like a web, an hourglass within a glass within a glass? Can you spiral down though time and successfully unwind the twists of your temporal exploration to return to the here and now? That is the challenge. And the accurate tracking of time’s layers is the task.

Above, we start in the past, drop to a previous time and still yet again to a time before that. Four deep:

Now. Then. Before then. Before, before then.

Clearly such a skill must be mastered when scaling the massive temple that is the writing pyramid of excellence.

How are you at managing time in your stories? I suck. But, hell, I’m still on level 3.1. You?