If you become popular

If you become popular, be prepared to lose me.

Now, that might not be a worry. No, let me rephrase that. That most definitely will NOT be a worry. Only hubris (of which I have bucket-fulls) could figure into that first assumption. And only humility (of which I have gobs and gobs, oodles of, in fact) would qualify for the second assumption. (Sorry for the digression. Bottom line — why would you care what I or anyone thinks? Enough, moving on. However…)

If you become popular, garnering hundreds, if not thousands of likes, a gushing stream of comments, a fire hose of adulations, I will not join said throngs. I might cruise by, see what you’re up to, taste your wares and your offerings; mmm, good humus, the canapes are a little dry, and I think the caviar has gone off…

But don’t expect me to like, or comment any longer. Why? Why bother? The cacophony of admirers would drown the loudest shout from the stone paved road below your balcony. I’ll privately wish you well, salute you in passing, but I’ll be moving on to where the din is softer, the lights low, the need for acknowledgement — greater.

And that’s OK. People change. The needs of people change. Your needs will have shifted to how to manage a social “presence”. How to handle notoriety. And such needs must not be begrudged. Nothing strived for and earned must be begrudged. But don’t expect me to dally along. I watched you struggle and grow and yearn and excel. And succeed. Bravo! Truly. Bravo!


When you watch or read any media which has a “score” or “rank” and those numbers are in the thousands, the millions, do you join them and add your meager, practically ineffectual vote to the fray?

I don’t. I won’t. More than 1000 likes? That’s plenty. 10,000? 1,000,000? No bloody way will I add my support to that cause, no matter what the underlying reason for that creative expose’. You’ve gotten plenty of support. Anymore and you’ll just become a boor.

Do you click the Thumbs Up or Like button on massively liked media?




“Like” the Apocalypse

I wonder if this concept of “Like” fails us when it comes to certain unlikable content.

Say I wrote a compelling article on Mexican drug cartels and the way they murder and dismember their enemies — the way they kill local farmers and children found spying or who end up trapped — wrong place, wrong time. I’d portray the brutal executions and hacking of limbs and heads and the callous dumping of the parts in shallow graves.

The whole thing would be gut-wrenchingly accurate and provocative.

You read it and your mouse cursor would hover over the Like button… but “Like” this? How can anyone Like this? It’s deplorable, despicable, disgusting. Like it? Hell no!

Most posts are of a sort that can truly be liked. But even thisĀ  post here is not really a Likable entity. There’s nothing in it to Like per se. Acknowledge? Appreciate? Identify with? Yeah, okay. But Like? Umm, no, not really.

I view the word “like” to be one that means exactly what one would expect it to mean. “Yeah, I like beer and black licorice and stinky brie cheese.” That, to me, is the appropriate use of the word. “Liking” a post about murderous, barbaric drug cartels? No, I’m sorry, something just doesn’t jive with me there.

Have you ever run across great content where the actual topics represented concepts and ideas that were positively “Unlikable”? Yet the content was portrayed in such a way that was professional, cogent and evocative? But you just couldn’t bring yourself to click that Like button?