Dear ‘Mudge: About your addiction to TV

Dear ‘Mudge,

I’ve been thinking about the phenomena of consuming visual-aural narrative and how I believe our minds react and respond to the sequential stimulation they offer. Or, to put it another way, why do movies engage us so?

I’m sitting here watching yet another movie I’ve seen a half dozen times, Wolverine. Regardless of what one’s opinion is of this one film, to me it’s engrossing at times, flippant or amusing at others. It, like its hundreds of thousands of brethren, does something to my brain, it captivates me — for a time.

And then it’s over. The sequence of events completes and what was once riveting, is now just a memory of bits and pieces that only vaguely come to mind when I concentrate on them. Which I don’t.

In-movie-mind is this experience which is different than normal existence. We can think about scenes in a film or captivating television show but these thoughts are nothing like consuming the media itself. Watching one is like being there, in the moment — at least with a good one. And although one may have previously viewed the cinematic experience before, one can still drift into it and relive it upon watching it again.

What is this sensation? Why and how is it different than normal experiential life?

Have you thought about this curiosity yourself?

Does your trailer come with an in-home theater?



Had to throw in a gratuitous flickpic cuz, you know, pictures ‘n posts.

The Wolverine Review

Magnesium: Movies in my mind

For whatever reason, my wife has decided to perform chemical experiments on me.

Sure, what the hell, YODO right? (you only die once).

Vitamin D is one that I personally know helps with feeling blue. Within hours my mood will crawl its way out from the quagmire it typically slinks within, and upon reflection, I have to admit that I feel better.

Lately she’s been administering a new pill: Magnesium. She says it’s to help me stay asleep while she roams the halls at three am dealing with the cats and her own foibles. Fine, hand it over. Gulp.

Holy shit, what a trip!

The sleeping dreams I’m having are fantastic. They’re cogent and consistent and go on and on. What is normally a spastic-scene slap-together is now a double feature movie. Last night’s had a talking, mathematician newborn whom we somehow acquired. There was this wicked car accident (unwitnessed) which left an old girl friend’s mother hanging from a ledge. When I went to help, I pushed this columnar rock down the chasm, as I recall the image, watching it teeter and tumble amazes me still.

The variety and cinematic treatment is better than virtual reality—I’m there, participating and it’s kick-ass.

“Do you want to keep taking these?” she asks.

Hell, yes!

Alita: Battle Angel – loved it

My son and I went to see this movie — during the day — and we had the entire theater to ourselves. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about the story or the history of this film. It was a great way to see it.

We both loved it.

My son didn’t know about the concept of the Uncanny Valley so later I explained it to him. Alita’s character exposes this theme but it’s nuanced — the feeling wavers all throughout the movie. And I think that’s appropriate. The girl is NOT human. She is Other. And it shows. Yet she emits such expression, such engaging behavior that you can’t help but be attracted to her — despite her otherness.

I highly recommend this film.