I’m such a sap

Come November 1st I started listening to SantaRadio.co.uk. I went looking for a channel of holiday music and found this one. I don’t listen quite the way proposed by the site or apps. I use VLC Media Player and stream it in through a URL.

There are dozens of channels around the web that do this. 181FM has a nice set. Still, I use a direct connection (see below).

If you’re not familiar with internet radio, below is an impressive site which gives you access to, well, thousands I’m sure. Many of these I plug in, throughout the year, to have working noise to write code to. Hearing someone speak some language where I have no idea what they’re saying — gives me a sense of company. I work from home (for a decade now) and it’s a lonely activity, at times. Voices, music, noise even, helps my mental state (or so I think, others, no doubt, would beg to differ).

Oddly, I find that most of the channels I find on Radio Garden play American music… Sure, they play their cultural stuff mostly, but if it’s pop, it’s western.

Regarding holiday music, I don’t know; I’m a sap. I enjoy it.

Here’s a few links if you’re interested:
• SantaRadio:
• 181FM: http://listen.181fm.com:8082
• RadioGarden: http://radio.garden/live/