A tentless hobo

The 1993 gold Saturn that was stolen Monday, recovered Thursday morning, is back in its spot from which it was abducted, worse for wear in that the tiny geode is forever lost.

That and $311 bucks and a whirlwind trip to fetch it out of hoc.

Oh, did I mention that we gained a few things in the deal? Yeah:

  • 1 hobo tent
  • 1 empty duffel
  • 1 weed pipe
  • 1 uneaten taco
  • 1 bag of miscellaneous clothing
  • garbage and crap and cigarette smoke

It seems that whomever stole the car took it to get from point A to B and picked up his crappy gear along the way. He slipped a slimjim ribbon steel down to unlock it. Then took a filed down jimmy key and wiggled and wiggled the key until he could crank it over. Done.  Drive away and sleep in the back and abandon it and his stuff in a wooded area outside of Portland.

The car is sitting back where we expect to sit. But now, the battery has been pulled out and we’ll put it back only to drive it, rarely, or to the auction where we’ll get rid of this beloved albatross. Someday.

What a week.