COVID Survivors Arise

The vaccine has failed. Only exposure, infection, and survival can enable future immunity.

Those testing positive for antigens of COVID-19 can get a special virus-tainted-ink ‘C’ tattooed on their wrist proving they’ve survived the virus. These, and only these folks will be allowed to congregate in large numbers and attend ‘C’ validated sporting and entertainment events.

C-bars and restaurants will open. C-trains, buses, ferries, stores and airlines will exclusively cater to COVID survivors.

All non-exposed will be forced to live in the shadows, begging from the ‘C’ people, thinking it better to risk infection and possible death than to live an ostracized life.

Fake ‘C’ tattoos will be dealt with immediate injection with the virus.

Survivors have begun to experience strange dreams of a distant, other-world.

Communication has begun.

The COVID-AllMind is born.

[Cite: Akira (George F.) + Michael Crichton’s Andromeda Strain + Outbreak + dozens of memes throughout the years.]