Book vs Movie

Book vs Movie.

Who reads the book after they watch the movie? Who? Anyone?

No one. No one will read the book after they watch the movie. Why? The movie has polluted their entire view of the characters. No imagination is necessary now. It’s a sad, sad world now — for the reader.

Harold “I want to be a bad wizard” Potter no longer remained this million strong youthful boy in glasses and scar after the first movie came out. No. Harry Potter became Daniel Radcliffe; Harry – No More Imagination Need Be Applied – Potter.

The fact remains that, if you read the book AFTER you watch the movie you will find yourself ROBBED. Robbed of your own imaginative powers. Your own view of how the world of the author should play out in-your-own-mind.

The Girl with all the Gifts is a great — great — zombie novel. It’s a great novel in general. But, yes, it’s a zombie novel — the only one to ever have approached the concept with valid and realistic science — but zombie nonetheless. Were you to watch this novel as the movie, before you read the book, you would be robbed of your mind’s own powers of imaginative projection. A great and noble power indeed.

Would you EVER read the book after you watched the movie? No. No you would not.

Book -> movie works.
Movie -> book does not.

A cinematic, theatrical interpretation of a novel KILLS the written version. At least for a generation. Perhaps, in 2020 or 2030, readers of Harry Potter or The Girl with all the Gifts might, once again, enjoy the written versions. Until then? Movies killed the literary star.